Spring Issue 2013

This magazine is called Homeopathy and Us

In today’s world I am finding that traditional medical doctors seem more and more to be out of touch with patients and in touch with pharmaceutical medicines. The mantra is not health but rather finding a way to keep the patient comfortable using a cocktail of drugs that always need refreshing. Because of this many people have begun to look around at other paradigms of healing and caring for themselves. I use Nutrition, organic food, selective supplements and while there are other healing techniques, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Acupuncture, to name some, my choice of Homeopathic and Bach Flower Remedies I have become tired of looking at health magazine that are full of ads and the articles are most often a payback for a new this or that in the natural health world.

This magazine is called Homeopathy and Us, for it is about the patient and how homeopathy is used to help us get better.  It is for all types of people with all kinds of conditions. Some will know about homeopathy and can read about how some of the remedies are used in specific situations.  Others will just be curious about alternatives and pick up the magazine simply because it has homeopathy in its title.  I welcome all.

Everyone who has used homeopathy successfully has some favorite experiences to relate.  I want to share my experiences with the Pocket Pack remedies in this first issue of Homeopathy and Us, and hope you will share your experiences in the coming issues.  I have learned so much from hearing how other people have used the remedies.

  Over my 25 years of using homeopathy and Bach Rescue Remedy many of my experiences have taken place on feature film sets where I was a 1st assistant director for many years.  I have worked with such fine directors as Norman Jewison, Allan King, Louis Malle and David Cronenberg and made films across Canada, Europe, China and Africa.  The movie set is a tight little community very much like a village, where all the common ailments occur and get passed about: colds, flu, nervousness and injuries, to name a few.  My positive experiences have led me to want to share with others so they too may come to use homeopathy as a first response to sickness and injury.

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The opening of John's documentary feature

"Me, the bees and cancer "http://methebeesandcancer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/watch_sting-688x386.png
at 608 College St. W on Friday May 31st.

This first night will be a fund raiser for The Actors Fund that provides money for those in need in the Entertainment community.

The ticket price for the opening will be $20.
Normal admission of $10 will apply to all other showings in the run.

  Link to film website.