This magazine is called Homeopathy and Us

In today’s world I am finding that traditional medical doctors seem more and more to be out of touch with patients and in touch with pharmaceutical medicines. The mantra is not health but rather finding a way to keep the patient comfortable using a cocktail of drugs that always need refreshing. Because of this many people have begun to look around at other paradigms of healing and caring for themselves. I use Nutrition, organic food, selective supplements and while there are other healing techniques, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Acupuncture, to name some, my choice of Homeopathic and Bach Flower Remedies I have become tired of looking at health magazine that are full of ads and the articles are most often a payback for a new this or that in the natural health world.

This magazine is called Homeopathy and Us, for it is about the patient and how homeopathy is used to help us get better.  It is for all types of people with all kinds of conditions. Some will know about homeopathy and can read about how some of the remedies are used in specific situations.  Others will just be curious about alternatives and pick up the magazine simply because it has homeopathy in its title.  I welcome all.

Everyone who has used homeopathy successfully has some favorite experiences to relate.  I want to share my experiences with the Pocket Pack remedies in this first issue of Homeopathy and Us, and hope you will share your experiences in the coming issues.  I have learned so much from hearing how other people have used the remedies.

  Over my 25 years of using homeopathy and Bach Rescue Remedy many of my experiences have taken place on feature film sets where I was a 1st assistant director for many years.  I have worked with such fine directors as Norman Jewison, Allan King, Louis Malle and David Cronenberg and made films across Canada, Europe, China and Africa.  The movie set is a tight little community very much like a village, where all the common ailments occur and get passed about: colds, flu, nervousness and injuries, to name a few.  My positive experiences have led me to want to share with others so they too may come to use homeopathy as a first response to sickness and injury.

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Tromos Stress Formula

Let me start the ball rolling. My part is to share the experiences I have had with the remedies in my Pocket Pack and the testimonials that surround them. I love all the remedies. When they are used in the right situation they succeed.

The #1 remedy in the Pocket Pack is Tromos Stress Formula which is made using Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy formula. It is powerful and gentle and balances the individual undergoing any emotional and physical stress or trauma. It will always be the #1 remedy in my kits. Here are some testimonials that support my understandings:

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Aconitum Formula

When I was 4 years old I remember my grandmother cutting up Sulpha pills and feeding them to me to help get rid of pneumonia. I was prone to that and colds and coughs every winter. Working on set I had to work through some terrible colds until I discovered Aconitum. Now when I feel chilled and feel a cold coming on I take one pill and sometimes a second one a hour later, and I don’t get colds anymore. It is not luck but paying attention and taking Aconitum at the first sign of a cold that does the trick.

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Arnica Formula

Arnica Montana holds a special place in my heart. I used it first when I was working on Agnes of God and would to go to town halls near our location with Jane Fonda to do her exercise routine that she was then selling. I was in lousy shape and Arnica cream really helped my sore muscles. Later I started to use Arnica globules that are as effective and not as expensive as the cream.  

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Coffea Cruda Formula

Coffea Cruda is made from raw coffee beans.

I have used coffea during the day on people who were feeling scattered, and also before bed for those whose minds will not stop racing.

Coffea Cruda is made from raw coffee beans.

I have used coffea during the day on people who were feeling scattered, and also before bed for those whose minds will not stop racing.

Meatloaf couldn’t sleep when we were working together on "A Hole in One."  He was acting, writing music and recording with his group, and he could not seem to get his mind to shut down when he went to bed.  I gave him some globules of Coffea with my usual instructions to take one about a half-hour before sleep.  The first night, he took several globules thinking that taking more than one would make the remedy stronger.  He got to sleep.  I told him that taking several globules all at once was no different than taking just one, for it was about the quality of the remedy and not the quantity taken.  He took only one globule the next night and was amazed that it worked just as well – he got right to sleep.

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Nux Vomica Formula

I first recognized Nux Vomica’s ability when it helped Marielle Poupelin, the Assistant Production Manager on "To Walk With Lions."  We had no offices and were all working together in a meeting room in Nairobi Kenya getting ready to shoot the film. It was chaotic with only three phones and people all over. As the liaison between the African and Canadian filming units and companies Marielle was hopelessly overworked and began to suffer from a headaches that she described as feeling like a hangover. She said it came up from her neck into the back of her head. I knew that Nux Vomica was for Hangover and on that clue I tried it and it eased her headache in a few minutes. She soon was hard at work again and so happy to be without the headache.   She only took the remedy once more, and didn’t get another headache for the rest of the production, although her work never eased up. We are still friends and when I am in Montreal I go over to see her at Telefilm where she works.

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Elaine and her sisters

Elaine and her sisters: Fatigue, energy drop, bladder stamina

I was advised to try Nux Vomica, (#5 Pocket Pack) for the fatigue and it gave me back my energy, BUT the side effect that I didn’t suspect was it helped me with my bladder stamina. I was telling my sisters about the remedy and they decided to try it also. Both are benefitting from this as well. Interestingly my one sister was going through Chemo for liver cancer at the time and asked her Homeopath about it, just to make sure, and he also advised her that it was OK and good since it was helpful for the liver.

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Lorna about the pocket pack

Lorna: about the Pocket Pack.

I was first introduced to homeopathic medicine after a friend gave me a book on Bach Flower Remedies, (Tromos Stress Formula).  I was fascinated by the philosophy and as a result started to keep Rescue Remedy around the house.  Slowly I added other remedies to my repertoire.  That was in 1978 and I have been using homeopathic remedies ever since.

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In this issue I have highlighted the remedies I have in my Hollywood Survival Kit – Pocket Pack. If you have experiences with any of these remedies please send them to the magazine for they will add to the knowledge of those who use the Pocket Pack and the remedies in it. I think there are many A Type people out there who would find all the remedies in this Pocket Pack of great value: from kids burning through the excitement of learning about life to those in the midst of demanding situations. And of course all the mothers that have to deal with all this activity and keep a clean house and cook and rise to so many unknown situations every day.

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