#1. Tromos Stress Formula

#1. Tromos Stress Formula – Anxiety, Stress, Stage Fright




Stress formula ingredients:

Impatiens - impatience, inner turmoil

Star of Bethlehem - shock, trauma

Cherry Plum - loss of emotional control, desperation, hysteria

Rock Rose - terror, panic

Clematis - loss of focus, out-of-body state, withdrawn


Professional Review:


Dr. Edward Bach was a brilliant English healer. His greatest discovery was that the correct flower tinctures could stabilize and heal a person by repairing the spirit-mind rift, thus healing emotional problems that underlay the uneasy feeling we experience from time to time. His most well-known flower tincture combination is the above, which he called rescue remedy. This stress formula is the No. 1 remedy for any emergency situation, especially where there is an accompanying feeling of shock, panic, numbness. It is also indicated for calming nerves during traumatic, “performance jitter,” stage fright, or transitional situations, such as flying, visiting a dentist, taking an exam, making a speech, or during childbirth. It can be used temporarily to help calm acute anxiety or panic attacks. It can also be applied externally for cuts, sprains, or bruises.


Animals, even plants can benefit from the healing powers of this flower essence:  to be used prior or following any upsetting or traumatic situation (such as a move or visit to the vet). Take 3 or 4 drops directly into the mouth or in water. - If taken in water, sip frequently. As calmness returns, increase intervals to 15 minutes. then 30 minutes. or as needed. -If the person is unconscious, put a few drops directly on the lips or skin and call 911.


The remedies are preserved in alcohol and it can be just rubbed onto the arm if the patient is a small child or allergic to alcohol. Apply to wounds directly, or mix in a bit of water and dab the area. Keep this Remedy with you at all times – you never know when you or someone else may need it!


My on Set Experiences: Tromos #1


            I rank this mixture of 5 flower tinctures #1 in my survival kit. I do this because no matter what the circumstance, whether stage fright, an exam, argument or a broken arm, this helps one to regain a sense of emotional balance. The first remedy that I ever used was Dr. Bachʼs Rescue Remedy.


I used it whenever I was taking events too seriously and getting irate because they did not work out the way I thought they should. Now I put 3 drops of Tromos stress formula in my water bottle to help me stay calm on the set, especially if it is a big day and I begin to get strident, you can hear my assistants suggesting I have a drink of water, knowing the bottle has the remedy in it. We laugh about it but I always take it, and in a very few moments, I am thankful.


One of Canadaʼs better known performers came to work as a prosecuting attorney on a TV movie where I was the 1st AD. She had a lot of lines and actions and for some reason was finding it difficult to concentrate. Nothing was being accomplished and everyone was tense, because we would not finish our day’s work if we didn’t get moving. I called for a break and gingerly introduced her to the idea of trying my favorite Dr. Bach remedy to calm her. When she said that anything that might help her would be welcome I put 3 drops in a bottle of water. She came for more drops a little later, and when we went back to work everything fell into place - we got the perfect performance we all expected and finished our day on time.


Kevin Zegers the young star of “Virginiaʼs Run,” had to write an Ontario high school final exam while filming with us in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. He was nervous and asked me if I could help him. I put 3 drops of the remedy in a bottle of water and suggested he sip it during the exam. I remember wondering if the remedy had worked. The next day I got my answer when he rushed over to me, carrying an open bottle of water to get more drops for his next exam. I carry my bottle of Tromos with me at all times and use it in moments of trauma of any sort.