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Lorna:I was first introduced to homeopathic medicine after a friend gave me a book on Bach Flower Remedies, (Tromos Stress Formula).  I was fascinated by the philosophy and as a result started to keep Rescue Remedy around the house.  Slowly I added other remedies to my repertoire.  That was in 1978 and I have been using homeopathic remedies ever since.


The Rescue Remedy proved its worth when I was preparing to undergo two elective surgeries to replace both of my hips.  Waiting to go into the hospital is certainly a potentially stressful situation and the operation itself, with its us of anesthetics, is not particularly kind to the a body.  I found using the Rescue Remedy for several days prior to the operation helped my mental state and I actually slept extremely well the night before the operation – which I probably would not have done without the remedy.  I brought it with me and used it for the few days I was in the hospital while adjusting to the aftereffects of the surgery.


I avoid conventional drugs as much as possible and I find that the basic remedies contained in the John Board Pocket Pack covers most of the situations that occur in my life: oncoming colds, aching muscles, over tiredness, allergic reactions, headaches and an overactive mind.  All are relieved though homeopathic remedies.  I carry my little pack In my purse at all times.

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Elaine and her sisters: fatigue, energy drop, bladder stamina



I was advised to try Nux Vomica, (#5 Pocket Pack) for the fatigue and it gave me back my energy, BUT the side effect that I didn’t suspect was it helped me with my bladder stamina.  I was telling my sisters about the remedy and they decided to try it also.  Both are benefitting from this as well.  Interesting my one sister was going through Chemo for liver cancer at the time and asked her Homeopath about it, just to make sure and he also advised her that it was OK and good since it was helpful for the liver.


Elaine: Arthritis



RP Complex and ART Complex from Thompson Homeopathic in Toronto

RP – Apis, Colchicum,  Bryonia, Rhus Tox – all in 3x strength

ART – Arnica, Sulphur – all in 3x strength


I was advised to try these for arthritic pain, since each morning was a painful chore.  I started as instructed and noticed a lessening of pain and stiffness within the first month.  It has been over 3 months and now I only use it when the pain returns.  I am not much for consistent medication but even with my on/off use the result has been great.


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Sumner: Just  grabbed my pocket Pack and dosed myself in the middle of  major stress attack.  And calmed right down.  Thank goodness for my Pocket Pack: And for you John Board.  Like in about 2 minutes I was able to gain control and then calmed down at a deep level very quickly.